Honored Athlete of Mongolia and athlete of the sport district of Zevsegt Huchin O.Gundegmaahas set a new record for Mongolia with a score of 392 at the Word Cup in Thailand. She broke the old record (set by Ts. Munhzul) which was 391 in Mongolia and 391 in the Olympics.


At the World Cup that is taking place in Hannover, Germany O.Gundegmaa has entered the finals with a score of 585. She has received her first gold medal in the World Cup in 2016.


The club’s mission is to recruit and train kids who have the interest in Olympic shooting and create athletes who will find fame in the Olympics, Continent Cup and the World Cup events.


The founder of the club L.Undralbat had the idea to create the para community with the purpose of giving people with disabilities self-confidence, involving them in the community, increase their health with physical activities, give them emotional support and give them purpose of participating in the international competitions representing their home country Mongolia.  It opened officially on January 4, 2002 and is still active today.


Shooting without bullets is one of the methods that lead to success in the future. The purpose of this method sometimes referred as “empty shooting” sometimes referred as “shooting without bullets” is to improve technical elements of shooting, watch the muscle tension when aiming, feel the moment when pulling the trigger, keep steady after pulling trigger, feel the reload and to feel the trigger when there is movement.


O.Gundegmaa:  I am waiting for the Rio Olympics

Silver medalist in Beijing 2008 summer Olympics O.Gundegmaa’s interview

-You were not active for almost two years. You came back after some time to your native sport and won 2 medals from World Cup. Congratulations


In the winter time until the end of February he trains with skiing and 3 times a week he does 30-40km of cross country skiing. In the spring he switches do cycling and does 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. From May to September because it is the season to train for Olympics and the world championship he does cross country running with various gymnastics.


The sport of shooting has very limited movements. And therefore some coaches underestimate the need for physical training and therefore their athletes are concentrated on one aspect of shooting only.


To shoot with a free pistol the shooter’s gun arm needs to be straight and to hold the handle there is a slight angle at the wrist. This is the most steady the gun can be.


Regulations on rewarding athletes and their coaches when they win medals in Olympic Games, Continent championships and World Cups

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Харуул хамгаалалт, байгууллага, ангийн буу, галт зэвсэг эзэмшигчдэд зориулан:

  -  Галт зэвсэгтэй зөв харьцаж сурах

  -  Зэвсгийн аюулгүй ажиллагаа, үйлчилгээ

  -  Мэргэн буудах арга барил, онол

  -  Буу, дурангийн тохиргоо тааруулах зэрэг сургалт, үйлчилгээ явуулна

Та бүхний анхааралд


АНУ зохион байгуулагдаж байгаа Парабуудлага дэлхийн цомын тэмцээн СМ З.Ганбаатар Олимпийн эрх авлаа.


АНЭ улсад зохион байгуулагдсан Парабуудлагын дэлхийн цомын тэмцээнээс манай баг тамирчид мөнгөн медалийн эзэд боллоо.


2019 оны Шилжин явах цомын эхний аварга тодорлоо

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